Thornhill: the local band going from strength to strength

LAST Thursday night, Thornhill opened for one of their idols.

“Playing with Architects was absolutely amazing, I mean, we’ve been listening to them since we were kids.” said Jacob Charlton, the bands’ frontman.

“We had already bought tickets to the show before we got the call.”

“My whole memory of it is just a blur.”

Whilst by no means a fully mainstream affair, metalcore, which combines elements of heavy metal with hardcore punk, is one of the strongest and most vibrant music scenes in Australia.

It regularly storms the charts and can be found adorning the walls and occupying speakers of many a teenage bedroom. Names like Parkway Drive, Northlane and Architects are heroes to many, including local group Thornhill.

The chance to play on such a huge bill came following very positive reception to their new single Temperer, which has seen numerous glowing reviews on the bands’ triple J unearthed page and has been viewed thousands of times on YouTube. In addition, it peaked at number two on the iTunes metal charts.

“We didn’t expect Temperer to do as well as it did, but the response has been amazing.” said Charlton.

“We were kind of in the mindset of, if anyone likes it, we’ll be so happy, and now that people do like it, we’re totally stoked.”

Amidst this flurry of success, the band has humble roots. Most of the band members met at Vermont High School, where they took music classes and shared albums.

“We did battle of the bands, all competing against each other. In about year ten, we all joined up.” said Charlton.

“We never had a bassist, but it was y’know, a start.”

James Di Donna, who attended Vermont High, says many ex-students have been really supportive of the band.

“Obviously they’re in a niche genre, but even people who don’t understand it have really got behind them.” said Di Donna.

“They were always just really approachable guys.”

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Metalcore is often a genre that is criticised for being too generic, but Thornhill is a band that aims to go outside of the norms of the style. Their newer material does not follow conventional song structures.

“They really do sound different, I find that pretty refreshing.” said Vermont graduate Peter Ackroyd.

“I’m a big fan of the way they use soundscapes and clean patches. It’s not unheard of, but it is interesting.”

What really drives Thornhill is their ambition. They’re totally focused and prepared to sacrifice a lot for the band, and do not rest on their laurels.

“I really want to drop out of uni, my whole focus really, is on the band.” said Charlton.

“We want to make an impression. The Architects show was the best we’ve played as a band, but we’ve still got a long way to go.”

“We don’t want to just be the opening band, we want to be the opening band who shouldn’t be the opening band.”

Thornhill’s music can be found on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube


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